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Aaron from @ConcertPhotography208 is back with another #MusicMonday installment. This week, he is featuring Death Proof Coffee. It’s not your typical coffee shop. Checkout his blog below!

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It’s Music Monday! Lets visit a place that is filled with passion, created with local bands in mind, and is quickly becoming a staple venue in Boise, enter, Death Proof Coffee. Mike Verlennich, Nik Verlennich and Izak Izak have created a venue that can bring a professional edge to any garage band. This place is chill coffee house in the front and full-on fog and light show party in the back! The venue attached to Death Proof Coffee provides an environment for all ages to enjoy live music on a professional stage.

Death Proof Coffee and venue has been in the works for a few years and was perfected by the trio who each bring a unique perspective to the venue. Mike has the passion and leadership to guide his son, Nik, to create energy within the venue. Nik speaks about music, the local scene, and the drive to create a space for local bands in a way only an artist can express. The lighting design Izak brings during the shows can only be described as perfection. Not too over the top or too bright, taking photos into their lights was a concert photographers dream.

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From the moment I walked into the venue I knew something was different, there was too much theater design in Death Proof’s venue. There was forethought and planning, this isn’t some slapped together pallet stage. I’m talkin’ perfect straight lines, and complementary color schemes, and finally some balanced sound, someone had theater experience I just knew it. I later found out that Izak has a background in theater lighting which explains all the attention to every detail. His lighting designs were inspired and not once over shadowed the performances. Another amazing aspect to Izak’s design is he does it all while being red/green color blind. Most would think this would be a determent to a lighting designer not being able to see colors “normally.” I will say the exact opposite is true here, Izak is able to create light schemes that many trained lighting professionals only dream of. His lack of being able to see colors makes him extremely unique and another part of Death Proof that makes this venue great.

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Death Proof Coffee was literally created by the hands of Mike, Nik and Izak. These men hand-poured the countertops you see in the coffee lounge and created the sound panels on the walls within the venue. Each contributing their skills from theater, lighting design, and from the knowledge of owning previous businesses. The most impressive piece of this puzzle? The stage. The attention to detail can be seen by the painstakingly created light boxes these men wanted to fill the back area. They hand built the drum lift and worked tirelessly to make sure every line, device, or panel was perfect from the audience perspective.

If you are looking for a local coffee shop that wants everyone there to enjoy themselves and feel welcome this is your place. If you want a venue that wants to breed a diverse culture of creativity and grow the local music scene this is your venue. Finally, if you are a band that wants that next stepping stone, to know what it feels like to play on a raised stage, with technics, and a crew that wants you to succeed; this is your new home.

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Death Proof Coffee is a much-needed addition to the local Boise music scene. I certainly look forward to seeing more shows, taking more photos, and doing many more blogs about Death Proof Coffee and Venue. See you at the next show!

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Death Proof Coffee 
10481 W. Fairview Ave. in Boise, ID 83704

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