Meet Josh + Meg. Their love story all started with a Tweet. Keep reading to learn more:

How Did You First Meet?

My wife and I met in the summer of 2011 through twitter of all places. I’m originally from Kentucky. My wife was born and raised here in Boise. 

Her favorite musician at the time, LIGHTS, retweeted some silly tweet I had sent to her and Meg thought I was cute and funny (her words) and decided to follow me. I thought the same and followed her back. One thing led to another and we started talking, then video chatting, until finally I decided to finally fly out at meet her in person. 

josh 2.jpeg

Describe Your First Date:

I guess you could say our first date was in the Boise airport where after months of wanting we finally got to share our first kiss. 

I spent a week here falling in love with her and Boise and as crazy as it sounded two the two of us we decided to give the long distance relationship thing a shot. 

Amazingly enough we made it work. I’d visit here. She’d visit there until finally I decided to take a leap of faith and uproot my entire life and move 2000 miles from my home, family, and friends in the spring of 2013. 

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I proposed to Meg after we saw the Avett Brothers at the Morrison Center in 2013 and we were married the following September. 

Then in 2016 we were blessed with the arrival of our son. None of this would had been possible if I hadn’t sent that stupid little tweet in 2011. 

What advice do you have for those looking for love in Boise?

My advice to anyone looking for love is never give up on yourself and be willing to listen to what your heart is telling you. Even if it tells you to do something really scary like move across the country. It might be this best thing you’ll ever do.  

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