LOVE IN THE BOI: Alyssa + Patrick

Meet Alyssa and Patrick. Alyssa was in Boise for a weekend to visit her sorority sisters. Little did she know she’d meet a home grown Idahoan at a local bar downtown. Learn more how her weekend in Boise led to her eventually relocating & starting a life with Patrick

Alyssa + Patrick

Alyssa + Patrick

My name is Alyssa, and my boyfriend Patrick and I have been dating for almost two years.

I’m a UI alum from Washington, and I was in town visiting a couple of my sorority sisters during St Patrick’s day. I met Patrick, a home grown Idaho guy that went to BSU and has lived in Boise his whole life, at bar downtown when we happened to be hanging out with mutual friends. I didn’t think much of it at the time. I thought he was just a fun guy and I continued to hang out with him throughout that weekend. I jokingly asked him to be my date to one of my good friends wedding that June (the next time I thought I would be in town) and he agreed.

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But after that weekend, we just kept talking. We ended up talking, calling, and FaceTiming every day.

I found myself visiting Boise many times and we decided we would give the long distance thing a try.

The following April (2018) I uprooted my life and moved down to Boise to start a life with Patrick.

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All of our friends and family say to us all the time how happy we look and that they are so happy for us to have found each other. And we couldn’t agree more. We often talk about how it was such a slim chance to have found each other but we are so glad we did - and grateful to have Boise be the backdrop to our love story.

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