LOVE IN THE BOI: Michelle + John

Michelle and John moved to Boise 2 years ago. Although they didn’t technically fall in love in the BOI, their love for Boise and their life here has only made their love more adventurous. Here’s their story.

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We are of course in love with each other, married 33 years, but we are also in love with Boise. We moved here 2 1/2 years ago as empty nesters from Ohio. Our kids had moved to Oregon and California and we wanted to be closer to them.

We love everything about Boise. Last year we got a tandem bike to take advantage of the greenbelt and to get out and explore around town. We use our Instagram @TandemBoise to share local businesses, nonprofits and the beauty of Boise. 

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Last year we participated in @BoiseGoatheadfest and dressed as a bride and groom for our costumes. People actually thought we were just married. A woman even gave me the flowers she just bought at farmers market. She must have felt sorry for me with my plastic bouquet. 

We met as sophomores in high school where we worked together at a fast food restaurant. I trained him on his first day. Our first date was dinner on my 16th birthday when I also got to meet his parents.

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Our favorite thing to do in Boise is hop on our tandem bike and explore. Our advice for those looking for love in Boise is to get out and mingle at the many events going on around town and getting involved in an activity such as volunteering for a nonprofit. We’ve met lots of new people by friends introducing us to their friends. There is something and someone for everyone here. 

Michelle’s advice on dating? She suggests a mix of spontaneous and planned activities. Look for new experiences to do together and also learn more about each other’s interests. Make some dates group dates by including friends or family to see more of each other’s personalities and how you both handle different situations.

Most importantly, be yourself.

2018 Boise Goathead Fest

2018 Boise Goathead Fest