You recognize Gail and Jan as frequent vendors at the Capital City Market. Or out & about at other community events showcasing their amazing hot sauce. Here is their #LOVEINTHEBOI story…

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We are Gail and Jan, more commonly known at Oma (ewe-ma) & Popie (paw-pee) @OmaAndPopies

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While living in the Magic Valley, Gail/Oma placed two personal ads in Boise (on Craigslist back when it was safe) with the thought that the distance would allow a safety net. After being nagged by staff that it was time to begin dating, Jan/Popie was shopping on Craigslist to furnish his bachelor pad and noticed it also had personals. Thinking to himself, there was nothing to lose he reviewed the ads and answered three, two of which were Gail/Oma’s.  Email communications for a few weeks soon led to phone conversations and an eventual first date.

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We decided to meet at a halfway point between Boise and Jerome for an hour, which wound up to be in Glenns Ferry at the winery for a glass of wine. There was an instant connection and the hour date turned into six with a meal, a walk on the golf course, a bottle of wine and coffees. The date only ended with an interruption in the form of a call from Jan’s son requesting a return because of the need for transportation in order to take the dog to the self-serve doggie bath.


The good … Jan looked incredible with his lean rocker build in tight jeans. 

 The bad … Jan was so nervous he couldn’t stop talking (or confessing) about everything

The awkward … hard to pick from the server asking Gail about being there a few weeks earlier with another man or Jan blurting out as he stood to go to the bathroom, I have a small bladder.

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As cliché as it sounds, you can’t be looking for love. We both had very full lives balancing our professional careers with single parenthood, so we weren’t interested in finding love or creating a blended family. What we both wanted was a friend of the opposite sex to hang out with once, maybe twice a month.

It was on the first date at the winery (ironically), that Jan confessed his love of dive bars, a good microbrew and great wings. At the time, Gail had a weekly date with her girlfriends that included wings at the local dive bar, the Oasis, in Twin Falls. Inviting Jan to come try the brews on 25 cent wing night was a given. At the time, we had no idea that his career would take us across the country and that our favorite thing would become checking out the local dive bars that served wings. But it did, along with seeing bucket list legends in concert. Like the Springsteen in Louisville, Eagles in Lexington, Tom Petty and Stones in Nashville, James Taylor in Chattanooga and Heart in Kansas City, etc.

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It was our favorite thing which lead us to creating our own wing sauce AND more importantly allowed us to return to home, to the BOI with our start up business. 

Thank you Gail and Jan for sharing your #LOVEINTHEBOI story! Make sure you follow Oma & Popies on Instagram at @omaandpopies.

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