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8 Pizza Places to Cross Off Your #BoiseBucketList

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It’s National Pi Day! No, not Pizza Pie — the algorithmic number we all dreaded learning back school (Pi 3.14). Perfect way for me highlight local Boise pizza places to cross off your Boise Bucket List. Grab this list & start exploring!

Idaho Pizza Company

Idaho Pizza Company is a local business that strives to continue supporting the local company, as well as serving the Treasure Valley with some delicious pizza. They also have this incredible lunch buffet (11am to 2pm) where you can get either all you can eat pizza/salad/drink OR just pizza/drink. Either way, you can’t beat all-you-can-eat pizza for under $10. No wonder college kids LOVE this place.

Source: Idaho Pizza Company

Source: Idaho Pizza Company

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Pie Hole

Let’s not deny Pie Hole MAY have been your go-to place for some late-night pizza. Maybe you enjoyed downtown way too much on a Saturday night, and their pizza hits the spot. Whether it’s the one on Broadway or on 8th Street, Pie Hole is that pizza joint where you go with friends to just EAT. Grab that slice + eat in silence. Slices range from traditional cheese/pepporoni to potato + bacon & whatever unique concoction they come up with. You can get two slices for under $6.

Plus - it’s some fun people-watching too when it’s 2AM and the bars just emptied out. Ha.

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Wiseguy Pizza Co.

Wiseguy Pizza is located on Main Street. It’s a local chain that serves creative pizzas, calzones, wings — all in a casual setting. They, too, are a great spot for late-night adventures. They have a great Two slices & soda special for under $10.00. Don’t want pizza? How about a wiseguy cheesesteak? Or an Italian Hoagie? It’s more than pizza. But if you want to stay traditional, you’ll be satisfied.

Source: Idaho Pizza Company

Source: Idaho Pizza Company

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Guido’s is about giving Boise some NYC flavor. They serve NY-style pizzas that are large slices with thin crusts. Their fresh garlic baked bread is incredible. So good! It’s in a nice cozy setting that’s perfect for patio weather. Get a slice, enjoy outside, and pretend you have no other worries in the world except eat. It’s located on 5th Street not too far from Flying M.

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Chicago Connection

Chicago Connection is serving Idaho with — yes, you guessed — Chicago-styled deep dish pizza. It was founded in 1982 with its first location on Fairview. You probably seen their delivery fans zipping around Boise getting those hot pizzas delivered (I may have ordered my share for work). They also have a great happy hour from 4 pm to 6pm. You get $1 off all beer and house wine, as well as great appetizer & small meals (Toasted Ravioli, bread-sticks, cheese bread).

Flying Pie

Flying Pie was actually my FIRST place where I got pizza in Boise. I remember the weekend I moved here, my brother and I stopped to get pizza. Their buffet is incredible. But in addition to their standard pizzas, they have Gourmet Night — different themes throughout the week. Each Tuesday Night (Fairview + Meridian) you can try some unusual pizzas. Every week, they serve a large amount of vegetarian pizzas that you’ll enjoy. Each week you can get dessert pizza (who doesn’t like that). They also have Pizza Tours — where you can be in the kitchen preparing pizza with the pizza maker! That’s definitely on my bucket list. How cool is that!

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The Wylder

Enjoy some handcrafted, slow batch pizza with soul. This place is where you can also enjoy full-service dining, craft cocktails, and supper. I’d suggest the Brono or the Honey Badger (OMG SO GOOD!). They have “red pizza” (made with Bianco DiNapoli organic tomatoes) and “white pizza” (made with Parmesan cream sauce). Don’t want pizza? How about a salad (buttermilk market vegetable) or a the French Picnic? It’s located on West Broad Street near Form + Function.

Source: The Wylder

Source: The Wylder

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Bonus: Off The Grid Pizza

My favorite pizza food truck has to be mentioned. Off the Grid Pizza is that woodfire pizza that you’ll wait to enjoy that one slice. It comes right out of the woodfire and served to you. I LOVE the OTG (pepperoni) but there are other flavors to enjoy. Plus - it’s a husband/wife team that are lovely & a great addition to the food truck scene.

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