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Love in the BOI: Taylor and Kyle

Happy February 1st! It’s also the start of the month of love. I do not hide the fact that I LOVE how couples met. I enjoy hearing your stories. And it’s also fun to kickoff the month with Taylor and Kyle. Here’s their story.

Meet Taylor and Kyle :

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How Did You Meet?

Kyle and I met because I was dating his roommate 

Describe Your First Date

Our first date is really the killer part of our story

At the time we met, I was studying to be a coroner. I truly looked the part. I had thick black glasses and long, straight black hair with bangs. I was fascinated with every process that accompanied death, from what people experience right before they die, to how bodies decompose or how they’re preserved, to traditions and ceremonies that bring peace to those who’ve lost someone. One of the classes I took during this time was called - fittingly - Death and Dying, and one of the assignments in the class was to attend a funeral and write about your experience. This wasn’t weird to me. I attended a handful of funerals. I would walk right up to the casket and visually examine the body, then I’d sit down in the back and soak up the emotion in the room, observing and learning from various forms of grief. Now, before you get the wrong idea, you should know that I was not technically a funeral crasher.

If a funeral is listed in the paper, it is a public event unless noted otherwise. Well, after his roommate and I broke up, Kyle asked me out. I said sure to dinner “…but…I’m going to a funeral that night too. Do you want to come?” To my shock, he said yes. Kyle showed up for our date in a buttoned-down shirt and a look on his face that said, “WTF am I doing?” We went to Summers Funeral Home in downtown Boise to attend a funeral for a WWII veteran who had died of natural causes. When we walked in, the widow looked at us and asked how we knew the deceased. Kyle froze. I piped up, “We saw his story in the paper and came to pay our respects.”

The widow’s eyes went wide, changing from shock to gratitude. She welcomed us! We ended up spending the evening with the family looking at photos and listening to stories. For them, it was therapeutic. They got to relive their memories and watch Kyle and I come to admire and adore their passed relative through the experiences they shared. After that first date, Kyle’s friends referred to me as “the death girl” and we have yet to encounter a couple who can beat our first date story. 

What Advice Do You Have For Those Looking for Love in Boise?

The advice I have for those looking for love is to go old school. I get it, Tinder is convenient, and Bumble is just a swipe away, but don’t overlook the opportunity that might be sitting right next to you at Barbarian Brewing, or hiking with their dog to Tablerock. Don’t be afraid to TALK to people. Just introduce yourself and start a conversation! It’s NOT. THAT. SCARY. The downside to mobile dating is that folks become too quick to dismiss someone because of a tiny “flaw”. They don’t have to go through the process of really uncovering layers and - though that process - learning to love them. I don’t believe in love at first sight, or love after the first date, or even love after a few months of dating. Love takes work and patience. People mess up! And people are weird! And that’s because they’re PEOPLE. Don’t #thankyounext someone just because they wear Keds. Slow down, stay organic and allow people to be human. Give serendipitous moments a chance and you never know what it’ll turn into. 

Where is Your Favorite Place to Go Together As a Couple?

We are a dinner-and-a-movie couple to the core. We love it! We get good food and conversation for the first part of the evening and then juusssstt when we start to bug each other, we’re forced to sit in silence at a movie and all’s well. We also really enjoy doing dumb things. One time we went to the gas station and spent $80 on scratch tickets and just scratched them in a Jack-In-The-Box. THAT’S LOVE, PEOPLE. Kyle and I have spent a lot of time apart in our marriage because of jobs and deployments. We’ve been married for eight years and more than half of that time we’ve been in different states or countries. Because of that, we’ve learned to communicate more effectively and show affection in new ways. And honestly, it’s made us appreciate that life doesn’t have to be full of extravagance. Small things as a couple and quiet shared moments mean just as much. 

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