LOVE IN THE BOI: Michelle + John

Michelle and John moved to Boise 2 years ago. Although they didn’t technically fall in love in the BOI, their love for Boise and their life here has only made their love more adventurous. Here’s their story.

michelle 2.JPG

We are of course in love with each other, married 33 years, but we are also in love with Boise. We moved here 2 1/2 years ago as empty nesters from Ohio. Our kids had moved to Oregon and California and we wanted to be closer to them.

We love everything about Boise. Last year we got a tandem bike to take advantage of the greenbelt and to get out and explore around town. We use our Instagram @TandemBoise to share local businesses, nonprofits and the beauty of Boise. 

michelle 1.JPG

Last year we participated in @BoiseGoatheadfest and dressed as a bride and groom for our costumes. People actually thought we were just married. A woman even gave me the flowers she just bought at farmers market. She must have felt sorry for me with my plastic bouquet. 

We met as sophomores in high school where we worked together at a fast food restaurant. I trained him on his first day. Our first date was dinner on my 16th birthday when I also got to meet his parents.

michelle 4.JPG

Our favorite thing to do in Boise is hop on our tandem bike and explore. Our advice for those looking for love in Boise is to get out and mingle at the many events going on around town and getting involved in an activity such as volunteering for a nonprofit. We’ve met lots of new people by friends introducing us to their friends. There is something and someone for everyone here. 

Michelle’s advice on dating? She suggests a mix of spontaneous and planned activities. Look for new experiences to do together and also learn more about each other’s interests. Make some dates group dates by including friends or family to see more of each other’s personalities and how you both handle different situations.

Most importantly, be yourself.

2018 Boise Goathead Fest

2018 Boise Goathead Fest

Music Mondays: Mains and Monitors

Music Mondays are back with Aaron of ConcertPhotography208. Today’s local band spotlight is Mains and Monitors - a band from Twin Falls, ID. Checkout Aaron’s feature:


The members of Mains and Monitors have been playing together in one way or another for several years. Originally, they played in a band for Jordan Thornquest but during that time Chase Chandler started his own group with some different members. Unfortunately, due to creative differences between his bandmates, Chase brought in Patrick Henry as the drummer. The original bassist ending up leaving and Eli Stonemets joined the ranks.  After some years of playing together the band asked Jordan, who was working on a solo project at the time, to play lead guitar. With this final addition, the Mains and Monitors line up was formed!

The band originally started out under the name “The Something Somethings” a play on the “The” that many bands use, The Strokes, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, etc however, an underground British punk group apparently already had that name and asked them to ya know, not do that. Fast forward to the band playing at a crappy bar with horrible sound equipment. The band states: “All they had were these two giant main speakers. We told them we needed monitors, so the sound guy takes one of these giant mains, turns it around, and tips it over. It was not a great show. Chase had the idea to write a song called “Mains & Monitors” about this experience, and when we found out we had to change our name, he suggested it, and it stuck.” Amazing how an experience can have such an impact on a band that this one moment happened to give them influence to change their name! A good grassroots reminder of where the band has come from and the heights this band can achieve.

mainmonitor 1.jpg

Patrick started playing the drums during the 5th grade for school where he learned how to read percussion music and began to specialize in the kit. He continued the passion for drums well into high school but took a break until he met Jordan. Patrick is influenced by the funk style and technical ability of Carter Beaufort (Dave Matthews Band). Jordan got his start playing Guitar Hero then he learned to play the real guitar at the age of 14. Jordan bounced between several bands and a solo gig before joining Mains and Monitors. He started off being influenced by the amazing shredders Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, etc. But Jordan found his roots in the kind of music he wanted to write such as, Courtney Barnett, Jeff Rosenstock, and The Strokes. Eli started to play the bass in his youth group when he was 12 years old. Early on Eli was influenced by bands Kings of Leon, and The National. Later in Eli’s musical development he discovered the influences of the rhythmic playing styles of Queens of The Stone Age, LCD Soundsystem, and Spoon. Chase found his love of music from his step-father who introduced Chase to digital recording when he was 11. When he was 12 he started to teach himself the guitar, started writing lyrics and began to sing! Wasn’t until the age of 16 that he became serious about the music world and recorded full songs by using garage band. Chase has been influenced by bands like Car Seat Headrest, Jeff Rosenstock, PUP, and Manchester Orchestra. Chase said, “I’ve always really loved making pop-influenced music, so a lot of catchiness goes into our songwriting as well.”

mainsmoinitor 3.jpeg

Where Mains and Monitors are from, Twin Falls, the band is up against classic rock bands, cover bands and post-grunge bands that focus on the older audience. Mains and Monitors wants to create a completely relatable sound to the younger crowd, saying “Being in your 20’s kind of sucks, and being a teenager kind of sucks, and we like to write about that in a (for the most part) lighthearted way.” The band draws influence from personal experience and just life itself to bring a personal and heartfelt performance to the stage. Another heartfelt example is their song “Kalani” about a relationship the front man Chase went through. The song ties in the process of falling in love, to the eventual rough breakup, and finally to the painful recovery of putting yourself back together. “It’s hard to be vulnerable like that, especially when there are people you know personally that know how true this story is, and how they’re more than “just songs.” We’ve found that the artists we connect with the most share these true, intimate, raw, revealing parts of themselves, and we want to do the same.” They said about “Kalani”. Mains and Monitors is a band that sings their heart out on stage. During their performance at Deathproof Coffee, Music Monday was blown away at the amount of passion and love they left on display.


The band deals with the constant hardship of living in a town with a limited music scene. “….it can be stifling & discouraging.” They said. The band has also gone through some growing pains, as all freshman bands do, by learning that they must be brutally honest with each other.

They have also had some major triumphs in their musical career as a band! They won their first battle of the bands and they recently hit 20,000 listeners on Spotify!

Music Monday has had the pleasure to see this band perform and was left with the sense of wanting more. Their passion, their drive and their sound is something Twin Falls should be extremely proud to have.

Want to enjoy the show? Well Boise you are in luck! February 23, 2019  Mains and Monitors will be at The Shredder downtown, participating in the locally organized Music for Mental Health Vol. 2 with several other locals, Caefus, Vascate and Soma Stein. 

mainsandminotirs 5.jpeg

LOVE IN THE BOI: Alyssa + Patrick

Meet Alyssa and Patrick. Alyssa was in Boise for a weekend to visit her sorority sisters. Little did she know she’d meet a home grown Idahoan at a local bar downtown. Learn more how her weekend in Boise led to her eventually relocating & starting a life with Patrick

Alyssa + Patrick

Alyssa + Patrick

My name is Alyssa, and my boyfriend Patrick and I have been dating for almost two years.

I’m a UI alum from Washington, and I was in town visiting a couple of my sorority sisters during St Patrick’s day. I met Patrick, a home grown Idaho guy that went to BSU and has lived in Boise his whole life, at bar downtown when we happened to be hanging out with mutual friends. I didn’t think much of it at the time. I thought he was just a fun guy and I continued to hang out with him throughout that weekend. I jokingly asked him to be my date to one of my good friends wedding that June (the next time I thought I would be in town) and he agreed.

alyssa 2.jpeg

But after that weekend, we just kept talking. We ended up talking, calling, and FaceTiming every day.

I found myself visiting Boise many times and we decided we would give the long distance thing a try.

The following April (2018) I uprooted my life and moved down to Boise to start a life with Patrick.

alyssa 3.jpeg

All of our friends and family say to us all the time how happy we look and that they are so happy for us to have found each other. And we couldn’t agree more. We often talk about how it was such a slim chance to have found each other but we are so glad we did - and grateful to have Boise be the backdrop to our love story.

alyssa 4.jpeg


Meet Josh + Meg. Their love story all started with a Tweet. Keep reading to learn more:

How Did You First Meet?

My wife and I met in the summer of 2011 through twitter of all places. I’m originally from Kentucky. My wife was born and raised here in Boise. 

Her favorite musician at the time, LIGHTS, retweeted some silly tweet I had sent to her and Meg thought I was cute and funny (her words) and decided to follow me. I thought the same and followed her back. One thing led to another and we started talking, then video chatting, until finally I decided to finally fly out at meet her in person. 

josh 2.jpeg

Describe Your First Date:

I guess you could say our first date was in the Boise airport where after months of wanting we finally got to share our first kiss. 

I spent a week here falling in love with her and Boise and as crazy as it sounded two the two of us we decided to give the long distance relationship thing a shot. 

Amazingly enough we made it work. I’d visit here. She’d visit there until finally I decided to take a leap of faith and uproot my entire life and move 2000 miles from my home, family, and friends in the spring of 2013. 

josh 3.jpeg

I proposed to Meg after we saw the Avett Brothers at the Morrison Center in 2013 and we were married the following September. 

Then in 2016 we were blessed with the arrival of our son. None of this would had been possible if I hadn’t sent that stupid little tweet in 2011. 

What advice do you have for those looking for love in Boise?

My advice to anyone looking for love is never give up on yourself and be willing to listen to what your heart is telling you. Even if it tells you to do something really scary like move across the country. It might be this best thing you’ll ever do.  

josh 4.jpeg

Thank you Josh for sharing your LOVE IN THE BOI STORY! Make sure to follow this couple on Instagram at : @josephdigger and @dearmathias

LOVE IN THE BOI: Ansley + David

Meet Ansley & David. They may have had class together, but it wasn’t until spending a week on a boat to lead to true love. Here’s their #LOVEINTHEBOI story.



ansley 2.jpg



How Did You First Meet?

David and I met at BSU! I was in my last year of grad school and he was a senior in his undergrad program. One of my professors convinced him to take a particular grad level class and we ended up in Hyperbaric Physiology together. 16 weeks in the same class and we spoke to each other ONE TIME. But apparently he talked about me to his friends all semester. During this class we learned about how the body works and adapts in environments with high pressure like under water. We had the opportunity to become scuba certified which allowed us to spend a week on a boat in the Bahamas at the end of the semester. I think we connected because it was a very romantic set up, David thinks its because i was stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean and couldn't escape him. (hahaha) We spent the 2015 NYE watching fireworks from the middle of the Caribbean and stayed up all night talking and falling in love. 

We couldn't love our story more.

ansley 3.jpg


Describe Your First Date

Would you believe me if i said that NEITHER ONE OF US remember our first date? *face palm* Because honestly we don't remember anything...


ansley 4.jpg

What Advice Do You Have For Someone Looking for Love in the BOI?

Advice for those looking for love in Boise: there are SO many romantic ways to fall in love. Maybe taking a class at BSU is a good start? All kidding aside, Boise is a picture perfect place to find a sweetheart. If being outside is your niche, don't give that up. Find yourself someone who is willing to try new things and no matter what the adventure is, they simply enjoy your company and learning more about who you are.

I was never an adrenaline junkie, but after marrying a pro jet ski racer, I found myself loving all things motors, fast, and dirty. I have found someone with completely different interests but we teach each other so much. We could be sitting on a bench at the park and have a blast. 

ansley 5.jpg


Name Your Favorite Spots to Explore in Boise:

Our favorite place on the planet is Jackson Hole, Wyoming. After getting engaged at the top of the mountain, its hard not to have love for such a breathtaking spot. The plan is to retire there, but that seems like a pipe dream. Other than that, our second favorite place is wherever family is. And our families are all over the country so traveling is a regular thing for us. When we aren't traveling to see family or to a jet ski race, we are enjoying our Bogus passes or hanging out with friends or with our GSP's at the dog park. Boise is so perfect for us and we love our love for each other and this amazing city.

ansley 1.jpg

Thank you Ansley and David for sharing your #LoveInTheBOI story! Make sure you follow them on Instagram: David: redinger3 and Ansley: anz_make_u_danz



LOVE IN THE BOI: Melinda + Jeff

I’ve known Melinda since 2017. She attended one of my Girls’ Night Out events, and we’ve been friends ever since. Her and her family opened their home to me during the holidays - we played a mean game of Wine-opology (honestly). This is their #LOVEINTHEBOI story…

melinda 1.jpg

How did you all meet?

We met while cruising downtown Boise 24 years ago. I was a student at BSU and too young to go to the bars. He was in the Air Force and had just been stationed at Mountain Home. He had only been in Idaho for 3 days when we met. My friends and I pulled up behind this car full of guys, they waved and smiled, we all pulled over and talked. My friends liked his friends and we all started hanging out. We only saw each other for about 5 weeks until I went home for the summer. Then we had a year and half where we didn’t see each other until a twist of fate brought us back together. Now we’ve been married for 18 and half years and have two boys ages 10 and 14. 

melinda 2.jpg


Describe your first dates

There wasn’t really a “first” date. It was a lot of hanging out with our groups of friends. We all went camping at CJ Strike two weekends after we met. That’s when we first kissed. 


What advice do you have for those looking for love in Boise?

Keep your eyes open because you never know where you will find the man of your dreams. He could be that random guy on the street. Just get out and do stuff with your friends - the right one will come along when you least expect it.


melinda 3.jpg

What is your favorite place to go (or thing to do) together as a couple?

We like to go for hikes in the foothills or along the Greenbelt. With two kids we don’t get much time to do things as a couple but since our boys are older now we are enjoying trying new restaurants and bars in Boise.

Thank you Melinda and Jeff for sharing your #LOVEINTHEBOI story! Head over to @melwalt_essentials and @jeffwaltersphotography to learn more about this couple.


You recognize Gail and Jan as frequent vendors at the Capital City Market. Or out & about at other community events showcasing their amazing hot sauce. Here is their #LOVEINTHEBOI story…

oma 1.jpg

We are Gail and Jan, more commonly known at Oma (ewe-ma) & Popie (paw-pee) @OmaAndPopies

oma 5.jpg


While living in the Magic Valley, Gail/Oma placed two personal ads in Boise (on Craigslist back when it was safe) with the thought that the distance would allow a safety net. After being nagged by staff that it was time to begin dating, Jan/Popie was shopping on Craigslist to furnish his bachelor pad and noticed it also had personals. Thinking to himself, there was nothing to lose he reviewed the ads and answered three, two of which were Gail/Oma’s.  Email communications for a few weeks soon led to phone conversations and an eventual first date.

oma 4.jpg


We decided to meet at a halfway point between Boise and Jerome for an hour, which wound up to be in Glenns Ferry at the winery for a glass of wine. There was an instant connection and the hour date turned into six with a meal, a walk on the golf course, a bottle of wine and coffees. The date only ended with an interruption in the form of a call from Jan’s son requesting a return because of the need for transportation in order to take the dog to the self-serve doggie bath.


The good … Jan looked incredible with his lean rocker build in tight jeans. 

 The bad … Jan was so nervous he couldn’t stop talking (or confessing) about everything

The awkward … hard to pick from the server asking Gail about being there a few weeks earlier with another man or Jan blurting out as he stood to go to the bathroom, I have a small bladder.

oma 3.jpg


As cliché as it sounds, you can’t be looking for love. We both had very full lives balancing our professional careers with single parenthood, so we weren’t interested in finding love or creating a blended family. What we both wanted was a friend of the opposite sex to hang out with once, maybe twice a month.

It was on the first date at the winery (ironically), that Jan confessed his love of dive bars, a good microbrew and great wings. At the time, Gail had a weekly date with her girlfriends that included wings at the local dive bar, the Oasis, in Twin Falls. Inviting Jan to come try the brews on 25 cent wing night was a given. At the time, we had no idea that his career would take us across the country and that our favorite thing would become checking out the local dive bars that served wings. But it did, along with seeing bucket list legends in concert. Like the Springsteen in Louisville, Eagles in Lexington, Tom Petty and Stones in Nashville, James Taylor in Chattanooga and Heart in Kansas City, etc.

oma 6.jpg

It was our favorite thing which lead us to creating our own wing sauce AND more importantly allowed us to return to home, to the BOI with our start up business. 

Thank you Gail and Jan for sharing your #LOVEINTHEBOI story! Make sure you follow Oma & Popies on Instagram at @omaandpopies.

oma 2.jpg

LOVE IN THE BOI: Cydnee + Lumuli

Distance did not stop Cydnee and Lumuli from falling in love. This is their #LOVEINTHEBOI story

Cyndee Lumill.jpeg

How did you two meet?

We met in Kenya in 1999 - we were just friends after my 7 week stay in Kenya and he was one of the students who joined us with the program I was with. We wrote snail mail for over three years and then he wrote me and said “Even though you’re the furthest, you’re the closest to my heart”. I mean - how in the world can a girl say no to that? We talked for the first time on the phone over three years after we’d first met. 

Describe Your First Date

First date? Well - that’s a bit difficult since we’d only spent time together on three separate occasions. But the first time I saw him after the initial trip to Kenya, I went to see him in England while he was working with students - while there, we walked to castles, met his friends and host family, toured London, read books, got to know each other - for 2 weeks! We planned for the next 3 week visit six months later in England again, and that’s when we got engaged!

What advice do you have for those looking for love in Boise?

   Don’t get stuck on the nuances and habits and ideologies of the person you’re dating. All of that stuff changes. Pay attention to the character - that usually stays the same and will show itself early on in the relationship.


Where is your favorite place to go (or thing to do) together as a couple?

We are homebodies. We feel blessed to live in a beautiful home with a comfortable bed and a hot tub right outside our bedroom. Give us some wine and Netflix and we’re good to go.

Thank you Cydnee and Lumuli for sharing your #LoveInTheBOI story with me. You can follow Cyndee at @ashkiphoto.

Love in the BOI: Taylor and Kyle

Happy February 1st! It’s also the start of the month of love. I do not hide the fact that I LOVE how couples met. I enjoy hearing your stories. And it’s also fun to kickoff the month with Taylor and Kyle. Here’s their story.

Meet Taylor and Kyle :

Taylor and Kyle.jpg

How Did You Meet?

Kyle and I met because I was dating his roommate 

Describe Your First Date

Our first date is really the killer part of our story

At the time we met, I was studying to be a coroner. I truly looked the part. I had thick black glasses and long, straight black hair with bangs. I was fascinated with every process that accompanied death, from what people experience right before they die, to how bodies decompose or how they’re preserved, to traditions and ceremonies that bring peace to those who’ve lost someone. One of the classes I took during this time was called - fittingly - Death and Dying, and one of the assignments in the class was to attend a funeral and write about your experience. This wasn’t weird to me. I attended a handful of funerals. I would walk right up to the casket and visually examine the body, then I’d sit down in the back and soak up the emotion in the room, observing and learning from various forms of grief. Now, before you get the wrong idea, you should know that I was not technically a funeral crasher.

If a funeral is listed in the paper, it is a public event unless noted otherwise. Well, after his roommate and I broke up, Kyle asked me out. I said sure to dinner “…but…I’m going to a funeral that night too. Do you want to come?” To my shock, he said yes. Kyle showed up for our date in a buttoned-down shirt and a look on his face that said, “WTF am I doing?” We went to Summers Funeral Home in downtown Boise to attend a funeral for a WWII veteran who had died of natural causes. When we walked in, the widow looked at us and asked how we knew the deceased. Kyle froze. I piped up, “We saw his story in the paper and came to pay our respects.”

The widow’s eyes went wide, changing from shock to gratitude. She welcomed us! We ended up spending the evening with the family looking at photos and listening to stories. For them, it was therapeutic. They got to relive their memories and watch Kyle and I come to admire and adore their passed relative through the experiences they shared. After that first date, Kyle’s friends referred to me as “the death girl” and we have yet to encounter a couple who can beat our first date story. 

What Advice Do You Have For Those Looking for Love in Boise?

The advice I have for those looking for love is to go old school. I get it, Tinder is convenient, and Bumble is just a swipe away, but don’t overlook the opportunity that might be sitting right next to you at Barbarian Brewing, or hiking with their dog to Tablerock. Don’t be afraid to TALK to people. Just introduce yourself and start a conversation! It’s NOT. THAT. SCARY. The downside to mobile dating is that folks become too quick to dismiss someone because of a tiny “flaw”. They don’t have to go through the process of really uncovering layers and - though that process - learning to love them. I don’t believe in love at first sight, or love after the first date, or even love after a few months of dating. Love takes work and patience. People mess up! And people are weird! And that’s because they’re PEOPLE. Don’t #thankyounext someone just because they wear Keds. Slow down, stay organic and allow people to be human. Give serendipitous moments a chance and you never know what it’ll turn into. 

Where is Your Favorite Place to Go Together As a Couple?

We are a dinner-and-a-movie couple to the core. We love it! We get good food and conversation for the first part of the evening and then juusssstt when we start to bug each other, we’re forced to sit in silence at a movie and all’s well. We also really enjoy doing dumb things. One time we went to the gas station and spent $80 on scratch tickets and just scratched them in a Jack-In-The-Box. THAT’S LOVE, PEOPLE. Kyle and I have spent a lot of time apart in our marriage because of jobs and deployments. We’ve been married for eight years and more than half of that time we’ve been in different states or countries. Because of that, we’ve learned to communicate more effectively and show affection in new ways. And honestly, it’s made us appreciate that life doesn’t have to be full of extravagance. Small things as a couple and quiet shared moments mean just as much. 

You can head over to @tayloramazing and @crew_dawg & give them a follow. Thank you Taylor and Kyle for sharing your #LoveInTheBOI story!

NYE 2019 in Boise? 11 Events to Cross Off Your #BoiseBucketList

new years eve 2019 part 2.png

Are you ready to celebrate NYE in Boise? When I first moved to Boise, I immediately sought out what was the most unique way to ring in the new year. I happened to come across a volunteer opportunity for the Idaho Potato Drop. I signed up, helped out for a few hours, then walked around to enjoy the festivities. After I watched the potato drop, I headed over to Humpin’ Hannah’s and continued the evening solo, dancing and meeting new people.

This year, I am thankful for the many options for me to enjoy ringing in 2019. 2018 has been such a blessing, and I look forward to 2019. That said, here’s a list of 11 Ways to Ring in the New Year.

Inn at 500 New Year’s Eve Party

inn at 500 NYE party.jpg

How about some food, drinking, dancing and more! Dance 2018 away with the DJs from SoundWave in the beautiful Capitol Room on the second floor of the Inn at 500 in downtown Boise. With a buffet of tasty treats by Chef Richard Langston, two drink tickets (with additional drinks available for purchase from the full bar), photo booth, live feed of the Potato Drop, midnight champagne toast, and more! They even added some surprise performers to make the evening quite unforgettable.

Tickets are $125 for one person; $200 for two. You do NOT need to be a guest of the hotel to enjoy this soiree. For more information & to purchase your tickets, click HERE.

Idaho Potato Drop 2019: New Year’s Eve Party in Boise

You may have heard about the Idaho Potato Drop on Jeopardy or on CashCab (when it was a question). If you are unaware, the Idaho Potato Drop is a FREE charitable event held in downtown Boise.  The festivities start at 3pm. This year, they are rolling out a new VIP room that will be next to Saint Lawrence Gridiron restaurant. The VIP room will have festive craft cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and optional plated gourmet meals. There’s SO MUCH going on, from the live music on the main stage (Boise School Rock, Red Light Challenge, and Jeff Crosby & the Refugees -- to name a few), Tuber Luge, Toyota Rail Jam Qualifier, and live ice sculptures. Head over to the Idaho Potato Drop for the official schedule & to purchase your VIP tickets.

Source: Idaho Potato Drop

Source: Idaho Potato Drop

A Midnight Kiss at Amsterdam 2019

It’s no surprise that I enjoy hanging out at Amsterdam. I even hosted one of my Collaboration Over Competition Mixers  “Gals’ Night Out” event there, and it was a blast.

This year, Amsterdam Lounge is hosting “A Midnight Kiss” NYE Party. This fantastic event will feature a midnight toast, hand-passed hors-d'oeuvres, live performances, dancing, and giveaways.  They are hosting an amazing giveaway where you can win a stay at Inn at 500 complete with a horse-drawn carriage ride to your rose petal covered suite overlooking downtown!

Want to have fun sharing your kiss on social media? Share your kiss to #midnightkissboise on Instagram for a chance to win a $500 prize! The winner will be picked the following week. Doors open at 7pm. A ticket will not be needed until 8pm. Come early and enjoy $3 cocktails from 7-8pm. Event tickets are $30, or you can purchase your tickets in advance online for $25 here: The event is sponsored by 44 North Vodka.

Chalk N’ Brew New Years Eve

Want to make it a fun afternoon for you & your family? How about creating a chalk masterpiece. Chalk Couture is hosting a class from 12pm to 2pm at the Copenross Growlers. You can create a “hot mess” while you enjoy some food and beverages. For more info, visit:

Humpin’ Hannah’s New Year’s Eve Bash

You can’t miss Rocci Johnson Band for NYE! Come enjoy $1.00 House Shots, $2.00 beers, and lots of prizes, dancing, and music all around. Rocci performs starting at 9pm, and then DJ Jazzy Justin will keep you moving with his music in between breaks. Tickets are $15 for admission. For more info, visit their Facebook page at:

Western Collective's New Year’s Eve Party

Source: Western Collective Beer

Source: Western Collective Beer

Head over to Garden City’s newest brewery to ring in the new year. Festivities start at 6pm. For more info, visit:

New Years Eve White Party @ The Balcony

Did someone say Diamonds, Champagne, & All White? The Balcony is bringing a unique all-white flare to downtown Boise.  The suggested attire are feathers, sequins, diamonds -- yes! Ticket cost is $15. For more info, visit their Facebook page at:

New Year’s Eve with Pilot Error at the Reef

Source: Pilot Error

Source: Pilot Error

Want to ring in the new year listening to your favorite rock songs? Checkout Pilot Error as they perform at the Reef. The show starts at 10pm, and tickets are $10 at the door. For more info, visit:

Kid-Friendly Events:

New Year’s Eve at Wahooz and Pinz

Include your kids in a “NOON Year’s Eve” party at Wahooz! The celebration starts at 10am and goes through 2pm.  Let your afternoon be filled with bumper cars, bowling, laser tag, arcade games, and much more. They will also host a countdown starting at 12pm.  Click HERE for more info.

New Years Sleepover at Wings Center Boise

Talk about an ultimate sleepover! Climbing the rock gym, inflatables, pizza + drinks? Sign me up. Bring your children (ages 5 -12) for a night of celebration and fun. At midnight, you can enjoy a “Wings Ball Drop.”  Tickets are $45 for the first child, and $37 for each additional child. For more info, visit:

New Year’s Lock-In for Kids

Head over to Nampa Recreation Center for an all-nighter. You and your children can enjoy some games, a pizza party, and fun movies. Their pool will be open too! Children are encouraged to bring a sleeping bag  & swim gear. The tickets are $20 - $25 and for ages 6-12. For more information, please click HERE.