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Photo: Adora Belle Photography

Photo: Adora Belle Photography

Using an Instagram influencer is a trending way to add to your overall marketing strategy. Using an influencer helps increase your brand awareness, grow your follower base, and drive huge traffic to your website. It also introduces your brand to a new audience via a trustworthy source: your Instagram influencer.

Why Use An Instagram Influencer?

  1. Help Increase Your Brand Awareness.

    If you’re a new business or an existing business that’s struggling, brand awareness is vital to sustainability. For many businesses, brand awareness is a top priority. When you use an Instagram influencer, you cast a wider net and introduce your business to a wider audience, all by 1 simple post!

  2. Drive Sales with Instagram Influencer Marketing

  3. Build Excitement for a Product Launch

    If you have a new product coming out, collaborating with Instagram influencers is a great way to get people excited about your launch! By giving influencers early access to your product, you’re able to both position your product as something cool (because the influencers are excited about it) and market your product before it’s even out yet!

Why Boise Bucket List?

  • Success Stories

    • Client Success (Brand Ambassador Service) 100 new organic followers within 24 hours

    • Client Success (Featured Post): New Client Booking within a week of being featured

    • Client Success (Giveaway): 200 organic followers

  • The Numbers

    • 150,000 impressions per week

    • 2,500 to 6,000 impressions per post

  • Over 50% of followers are in Boise, with Meridian and Nampa behind.

What Services Do I Offer?

I offer three different services for interested businesses:

Sponsored Post

A sponsored post is when I feature content on BBL feed on Instagram during peak traffic times. The purpose of the sponsored post is to give your brand/business exposure to my highly engaged audience. Although the captions are written in my voice, I incorporate key points you’d like for me to highlight. Once payment is received, I will contact you with additional information, including suggested content to post (high quality photos), mutually agreed upon date and time.

Investment: $100.00 per post (does NOT include stories).

Hosting a Giveaway

An Instagram giveaway are limited-time promotions in which brands/business promise to giveaway a product or service to one lucky entrant according to specific criteria. Giveaways also help your brand/business create buzz for a new product, reach new fans, and grow your social media following.

Businesses should consider hosting a giveaway because:

  1. It encourages social sharing of your Instagram post

  2. It helps grow your Instagram following

  3. Increases your brand exposure

  4. Heightens your brand awareness

Results vary with giveaways. Traditional giveaways have ranged from 50 new followers to 200+ new followers during the span of the giveaway (usually 2 to 3 days). Please note: due to the nature of giveaways, do anticipate a melt of followers once the winner is announced.

Investment: $200.00 per giveaway (this does NOT include the value of the item(s) you are giving away).

Story features

Instagram stories is wildly popular & a huge asset to a business. With over 10K Instagram followers, Boise Bucket List has the “Swipe Up” feature, driving traffic to your respective link. Stories last for 24 hours.

Investment: $25 per story feature.

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