Giveaway Services


Giveaway Services


Giveaways are quick and effective way to draw engagement, create hype, and gain traffic to your feed. Giveaways are particularly helpful for new businesses in Boise.

Giveaway hosting includes:

  • Up to 10 posts

  • Post on peak days (Monday - Friday)

  • up to 5 Instagram stories (buzz creation made before the giveaway) and during the giveaway

  • Winner is randomly selected by us. We will send a group message sharing the winner’s information.

  • Exchange of prize facilitated by customer (you).

** Disclaimer: We do not promise a certain amount of followers. We do, however, ensure you will see a spike in engagement + followers. Our reach is over 175K per month and impressions are over 880K per month. Basically, we have an engaged hyper-localized audience eager to participate in our giveaways.


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